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Foscam 2015 Halloween Special Offer

From October 29 to November 1, 2015, Foscam will launch a grand Halloween sales promotion jointly with our distributors and resellers around the world. The customer can enjoy a huge discount at the appointed time. Please pay close attention to the promotion activities held in your area.

Lower prices, absolute security for your home and business!

Are you ready to go trick-or-treating this Halloween? Are you filled with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming festive season? Foscam is ready for this day after preparing for a long time. From October 29 to November 1, Foscam will launch its grand Halloween promotion sale, jointly with its distributors and resellers all over the world.

Go wild without leaving a window of opportunity for burglars

It’s almost that time of year when millions of kids all over the country start pounding the pavement in search of candy and fun. Criminals see this holiday as their favorable circumstance as well. Halloween is an ideal night for pranksters and vandals. It can also be a window of opportunity for burglars, if you are away from home, offices, store or factory.

Now act on to get a Foscam IP camera from our distributors or resellers in your area, then you can enjoy the Halloween without anxiety. Being informed anywhere anytime with alert push of Foscam IP cameras, you can prevent crime and accidents away from what you care most completely.

Too busy at work, can’t join the Halloween party?

It's Halloween! Have you racked your brains to come up with unique costume ideas to frighten your friends? Have you promised to spend this day together with your kids? But what if something emergent coming up in work ruins your plan? Don’t be too upset about this. Foscam can help make up your regret.

With Foscam IP camera, you can see and hear what matters most to you anywhere anytime on the PC, tablet or smart phones. The streaming video and two-way communication effect and will make you feel on the scene personally. In addition, Foscam IP camera can record every important moment for you to cherish and play back. Foscam IP camera will be one of the reliable sources for your peace of mind.

Beloved pet is not with you, wanna know what it is doing?

Every time when holiday comes, are you itching to go outside to enjoy yourself? As a big animal lover, you must be distracted for your animal friend at home. With help of Foscam, this will not be a problem bothering you any longer.

The HD video quality and wide viewing angle of Foscam IP camera let you see what your pet is behaving at home. If you catch it bent on messing up your room, it’s easy for you to order it to stop.

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