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Foscam Cloud Service
Never miss an event


Smart motion and sound detection technology will notify your
smartphone of meaningful events.


Save every alert video footage to help you check what happened
in the past 7,15 or 30 days.

Quicky see the important moments you missed,and enjoy viewing
the fun moments anywhere.

Foscam Cloud


Cloud Storage is a model of data storage, which is the safest type of storage .
You can never worry about the safety or any loss of your video history any more.


Foscam Cloud Storage can protect recordings against any footage loss could result that from the damage of stolen .


Foscam Cloud Storage can protect recordings against any footage loss that could result from fire, flood and other disasters.


oscam Cloud Storage can protect recordings against any footage loss that could result from the damage of vandalism.

Away from home,
Close to home.
  • 7 -Day

    Video History

    $4.99 / Month

    $49.99/ Year

    Save $9.98

  • 15 -Day

    Video History


    $79.99/ Year

    Save $15.98

  • 30 -Day

    Video History



    Save $25.98

  • 7 -Day

    Video History


The primary features of Cloud Service:

Personal alerts notification

Get a alert capture notification when Foscam camera see alert happens

Cloud alert captures and video history

Save all alert captures and video clips for 7, 15 or 30 days in the cloud

Cloud video history playback

Quickly find the moments you are looking for anywhere, anytime.

Higher performance security

With encrypted security, you can be sure your videos and alert messages stay safe.

* Free cloud service is for 1 month and only available for the new users who is never subscribed to cloud before.
Foscam reserves the right of the final interpretation of Cloud Service.
  • Q 1. How to register a cloud account on Foscam app?

    This article covers the procedure on how to register a Foscam Cloud account on Foscam app.

    To register a Foscam Cloud account,please follow the following steps:

    Step1:Open Apps ‘Foscam ‘,then click ‘Sign Up’;

    Steps2:Create Foscam Cloud account by inputting valid email address and password;Select country and Accept ‘Terms of Service’.

    Step3: After finish all the information,click sign up;

    Step4: Then Foscam Cloud account created and please use the same username and password to log in Foscam App.

  • Q 2. What are the options to use Cloud service?

    This article introduce the two different options to use Cloud service.

    Option 1:Foscam App(mobile application)

    Download free Foscam apps from the App Store or Google play.
    Scan the below QR code to download Foscam App from App store( for iOS) or Google Play(for Android OS).

    Or Search “Foscam” in the App Store or Google Play.
    You would see the Foscam app and then download.

    Option Cloud website)

    Please visit
    Web browsers that are currently able to access the Foscam Cloud website.
    Windows OS: Internet Explorer and Chrome
    Mac OS: Safari
    Linux: At this moment in time Foscam does not support browsers running on Linux platforms. Please check some of the various user forums for solutions. Additional check the software repositories for other options and plugins.

  • Q 3. How do I purchase Foscam Cloud Service?

    This article covers the ways to purchase Foscam Cloud Service.

    Currently there are two methods to purchase Foscam Cloud Service for the end user. Follow the steps below outlining how to purchase the service.

    Method One

    1) Open a web browser and visit the page and login with a user account.

    2)Click the Purchase Cloud Recording button under the Live Video feed page for the camera which is intended to be used for Cloud Services.


    Choose the desired Cloud Plan to purchase. If the user would like month to month renewal of the plan be sure to check the check box near Monthly Service.


    3) Follow the displayed instructions to complete the payment process and the Cloud Service will be activated shortly after the purchase is completed.

    Note: The camera will need to be configured to take full advantage of the Foscam Cloud Service.

    Method Two

    Open the Foscam App from a smart device.

    1) Navigate to the camera which is to be used for Foscam Cloud Services.

    2) Tap on the Cloud Icon and this will reveal payment plans for Cloud Services. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment process. The Cloud Service will be activated shortly after the purchase is completed.

    The camera will need to be configured to take full advantage of the Foscam Cloud Service.

    Note: If you have any problem or have a request on cloud service cancellation,please feel free to contact us at with your order number.

  • Q 4. In what countries and what Foscam products are supported by the cloud?

    This article provides information regarding what countries can Foscam equipment use the Cloud Service. Also covered are the various models of Foscam products which can access the Foscam Cloud Service.

    Currently Foscam Cloud Service is available in most countries. The currency which is currently accepted for payment of the service is USD, EUR and GBP.

    Current Foscam Products which support the Foscam Cloud Service include the following:

    Model Required Firmware Version
    FI9821P V2,FI9831P V2,FI9826P V2,FI9821EP,FI9821W V2.1,FI9853EP,FI9851P,FI9803EP,FI9803P,FI9851W 2.X.2.15 or above version
    FI9816P,FI9816P V2,FI9851P,C1,C1 Lite,C1 V2,C1 Lite V2,FI9803P V2,FI9803P V3,FI9800P,FI9800P V2,FI9851P V2 2.X.2.16 or above version
    Fosbaby,Fosbaby P1 2.X.2.18 or above version
    FI9816P V3,FI9821EP V2,FI9821P V3,FI9831P V3,FI9853EP V2,C1 V3,C1 Lite V3,FI9800P V3,FI9803P V4,FI9851P V3,FI9800PR,FI9821PR Any versions

    2.x.1.11 or above version

    Click here to download the latest firmware

  • Q 5. How do I activate Free Cloud service 7-Day video history? 

    After receiving Pop-up message or checking system message for 7-Day video history,please follow the below steps to activate and set up the cloud service plan,Types of advertisment messages for Free Cloud service 7-Day video history:

    A.Pop-up message


    B.System message(Click on the system message,go to activation page for Free cloud service.)

    Steps to activate Foscam free cloud service:

    Step1:Click ‘ACTIVATION NOW’ to activate cloud service

    Step2:Activate successfully and click ‘OK’ to go ahead.

    Step3:Return and refresh the homepage to activate the cloud service.

    Step4:Step4:Set up cloud service After activate the Free Cloud service,you can enable options ‘Push Message’ and ‘Motion detection’ on Foscam App.Please click here to see detailed instruction for cloud service setup.
    Once alarm triggered,you will receive push message and images as well as cloud recoding for motion detection as below:
    For push message and images,please click the ‘Bell’ icon to check alerts.

    For cloud recording,please click here to check the detailed instructions.

    Note:If your cloud account binds to several cameras,then you need to activate free cloud service for cameras one by one.

  • Q 6. What is the refund policy and procedure for FOSCAM Cloud?

    What is the refund policy and procedure for Foscam Cloud?

    Foscam provides refund for subscribed cloud service plan that is in validity period.

    For monthly plan, our refund policy will automatically credits you for the remaining unused portion (days) of the monthly plan. If you decide to request for a refund please contact Foscam before the service ends.

    For annual plan, our refund policy will automatically credits you for the remaining unused portion (days) of the annual plan if you request refund within 6 months after subscribing to the service. Service already used for 6 months or above is non-refundable.

    Please email Foscam support directly to submit your refund request together with order number and reason. Our customer service representative will assist you shortly.

    Note: Some users might get charged for international fee due to bank card level or credit card issuing bank policy while fulfill the payment for could service. Such international fee is not charged by Foscam, please consult with your card issuing bank directly.

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