Privacy NoticeDatenschutzrichtlinie (German)

Revision date: October 31, 2021

Effective date: October 31, 2021


Foscam, Inc. and its affiliates H.K. Foscam Ltd. and Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "We" or "Foscam") have committed to protecting your personal privacy. This Policy shall be applicable for all Foscam Cloud services provided for you through Foscam's official website ( and software (including but not limited to the Foscam app and VMS) as well as the features contained in such services, including services on Foscam Cloud Store and Foscam Cloud Services (collectively, "our products and/or services").


We will collect and process information about you, so please carefully read the Foscam Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "This Policy") and be sure to understand the rules about how we collect and process your personal information (including how we collect, use, store, and share such information).


If and when you agree to this Privacy Policy, or start/continue to use our products or services, and do not protest by contacting us in an appropriate manner, then we shall deem that you have fully understood and agreed to This Policy. In the event of any doubt, opinion, suggestion, or complaint in the course of reading This Policy, please contact us with the following contact details: Customer service email:


1. What personal information we collect

1.1 The information we collect about you

Our products and services include certain core features, including basic ones that are Foscam Cloud-based and pertinent to Foscam Cloud products (such as monitoring video previews, device operations and controls, etc.) We may collect, store, and use certain information about you in order to implement these features. If you do not provide this information, you will not be able to enjoy our products and services.

Our products and services also include additional features, such as Foscam Cloud services, message alerts, device unbinding, rich media messages, etc. If you use these additional features, we will collect personal information depending on which additional features you choose to use. If you do not provide us with this personal information, you will still be able to use the basic features that are Foscam Cloud-based and pertinent to Foscam Cloud products, but will not be able to use the corresponding additional features. In the course of you using our products and services, we may collect information that you voluntarily provide in the following ways when using our products and services, or as a result of your use thereof. This in order to provide you with and optimize our products and services, and to protect your account security:

Account information:

Such as ID, password, country/region, and other login emails used to access Foscam Cloud products and services after registering for a Foscam Cloud account. If you choose to add people to your family group, the account information will also include your friends' IDs and nicknames;

Contact details:

Such information as name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, and postal address, all of which are optional for the customer;

Payment information:

When you choose to use Foscam Cloud services, the third-party payments provider shall collect and store your payment information on our behalf, such as name, billing address, and payment card details, including card number, expiration date, and security code; Foscam Cloud will save the expiration date of your payment methods using WorldPay to save the last four digits of your payment card, with the actual saved information subject to the information of the third-party payments provider.

Information about product settings:

For example, name and description of Foscam Cloud products (e.g., "R2 - Front Door") and any adjustments you make to the product settings;

Technical information about your Foscam Cloud products:

For example, your Foscam Cloud products model, serial number, MAC address, UID, DDNS, and software version, all of which are used to access Foscam Cloud products;

Information for facial recognition:

You can enable facial recognition in certain countries and regions and on certain device models (for more information, click "View Scope of Application" on the Smart Cloud service page). After this is enabled, we will recognize the facial features of people recorded by the camera to conduct facial detection and reminders. Meanwhile, you can also set up a reference photo for your family members, which requires you to make a note of your family's facial characteristics when you enable this feature. The noted information and your family's facial features are encrypted before being uploaded to the server, and will be used to identify their facial features and then generate photo albums they are in. Cloud playback video, along with picture alert information including facial recognition, is important private information about you and your family; we will encrypt and store it on the server in a strict manner, and will not use the video elsewhere or share it with any third party. You can deactivate the facial recognition service on the app at any time.

Information from our third-party social media services:

Information from social media services (e.g. WeChat) or payment services (including payments channels such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, etc.) if you choose the links to such services to create or log into your Foscam Cloud account (including your social media account when you share Foscam Cloud captures or content through these services);

Information from our third-party business partners:

Information that we get from third-party business partners, such as your account ID, account name, and email address if you choose to use our Foscam Cloud services;

Other personal information:

Information that you submit to us including other personal information. For example, information that we get through our "Contact Us" feature, customer support tools on our website, or mobile applications.

1.2 Information obtained through automated means

Information that we get as data controllers through automated means (such as cookies, web server logs, web signals, and other techniques) when you interact with our products and services.

A "cookie" is a text file that a website sends to a visitor's computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor's browser, or to store information or settings on the browser. "Web beacons" , also known as Internet tags, pixel tags, or transparent GIFs, link web pages to a web server and their cookies, and can be used to transfer information collected via cookies back to the web server.

We may use these automatics to collect information about your device, browsing operations, and usage patterns. The information we obtain in the aforementioned manner may include information about your mobile device, such as the device model, operating system, device hardware serial number (a string of characters programmed into the device by the device manufacturer as a unique device identifier), MAC address, login IP address, web browser characteristics, wireless connection information, language preferences, operating system type and version, application version number, push notification identifiers, log files and mobile network information, referring/exit pages, click path data, and date and time website or application access. These technologies help us to:

(1) Remember your information so that you do not need to re-enter it;  

(2) Track and understand how you use and interact with our products and services; 

(3) Customize services based on your preferences; 

(4) Measure the availability of our products and services and the effectiveness of our communications; 

(5) Otherwise manage and improve our products and services,

You can delete all cookies saved on your computer. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser's settings to reject cookies as you see fit; alternatively, you can delete all cookies saved within the software. Please note, however, that not all of our online features may be available to you if all cookies are disabled. 

1.3 Use of SDKs

In order to ensure the stable operation and use of features for our clients, and to enable you to use and enjoy more services and features, SDKs or other similar applications from licensed partners will be embedded in our applications. We will conduct strict security checks on the application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) used by our licensed partners to obtain relevant information, and will agree on strict data protection measures with such partners so that they can handle personal information in accordance with This Policy, and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

1)Android Aurora pushes SDK and third-party provider SDK (Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, etc.)

Type of services:

Message-push services

Types of personal information collected by SDK:

Device information (such as IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OAID/OpenUDID/GUID/SIM card IMSI): Used to identify unique users and ensure accurate delivery of push notifications; in order to optimize push channel resources, we will integrate push-notification channel resources depending on the degree of activity of different apps on the device to improve the message delivery rate for developers' delivery rate. This provides developers with smart tags and services for displaying business statistics.

Network and location information (IP address, Wi-Fi, base station, etc.): Optimize the network connection request between the SDK and Aurora server to ensure the stability and continuity of the service; realize the features of regional push notifications. Information on app installation list: We will provide you with the intelligent push notification feature, and through this information, we will recommend push notification content that better meets your users' needs, and reduce the disturbance of useless push notification information to your users. This service can be chosen to be turned on or off.

2)Tencent SDK

Type of services:

For third-party account logins via Tencent QQ;

Type of personal information that the SDK collects: Device information (such as IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OAID/OpenUDID/GUID/SIM card IMSI): Used to identify unique users and facilitate users to log into Foscam apps via their QQ accounts.

3)Sina Weibo SDK

Type of services:

For third-party account logins via Sina Weibo;

Type of personal information that SDK collects: Device information (such as IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OAID/OpenUDID/GUID/SIM card IMSI): Used to identify unique users and facilitate users to login to Foscam apps via their Sina Weibo accounts.


Type of services:

Assistant development;

Type of personal information collected by SDK: Not available.

5)Google SDK

Type of services:

Message-push notification services, and user behavior analysis;

Type of personal information that SDK collects: Device information (such as IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OAID/OpenUDID/GUID/SIM card IMSI).

1.4 Information collected based on additional features provided

In order to provide you with more convenient and better quality products and/or services, and in an effort to enhance your user experience, we collect and use your personal information with respect to the following additional services that we provide for you. If you do not provide us with this information, it will not affect your access to basic services such as Foscam software (including but not limited to the Foscam app and VMS), but you will not enjoy the user experience these additional services can offer you. These additional services include:

1) Additional services by location:

When you enable the location feature on your mobile device through the system authorization settings and use the services provided according to your location, we use such features to scan the nearby WLAN list and search for nearby devices and other features.

2) Additional services based on camera/webcam

After enabling the camera/webcam access, you can use the feature to scan codes to add purchased devices, and take facial reference photos, etc. Please be advised that even if you have agreed to enable the camera/webcam access, we will only obtain information when you use the the camera/webcam by actively scanning codes, taking pictures, etc.

3) Additional services based on access to pictures/videos in the photo album (photo/video gallery):

After enabling photo album access, you can use this feature to save photos and videos within your app to the local photo album on your cell phone.

4) Additional services based on access to voice technology for microphones:

After enabling microphone access, you can use your microphone for voice features, such as voice intercom, etc., with the device. Please be advised that even if you have agreed to enable microphone access, we will only capture voice messages through the microphone when you actively tap the microphone icon on the app.

5) Additional services based on access to storage:

We will apply to gain access from you to ensure the stable operation of the device. When you enable us to read/write in your device storage, we will read or write such necessary information as images, files, crash logs from or in your device storage for the purpose of providing you with the ability to publish information or record crash logs locally.

6) Additional services based on access to message notifications:

We will apply for this access to send push notifications to you about products or services, especially if you have purchased a service that requires alerts to be sent to you so that you can see real-time updates.


You understand and agree that the aforementioned additional services require you to enable access to your location information (geographic position), webcam (camera), photo album (photo gallery), microphone (voice), internal and external storage in your device, for the collection and use of information covered by these permissions. You can check the status of each of these permissions in your device settings and turn them on or off at your own discretion.


Please note that by enabling any permissions, you have authorized us to collect and use the related personal information to provide you with the corresponding services, and that by disabling any such permissions, you have withdrawn your authorization, and we will no longer collect and use such personal information based on the corresponding permission, nor will we be able to provide you with the services corresponding to such permission. However, none of your decisions to disable these permissions may affect the collection and use of information previously obtained under your authorization.


2. How we use the information we collect

Your personal data may be used for one or more of the following purposes:
◆To provide you with our products and services;
◆To create and manage your Foscam Cloud account and personal information;
◆To process and fulfill claims and orders concerning our products and services and to keep you informed about the status of your orders;
◆To personalize your experience with our products and services;
◆To permit you to transfer streaming media, save, and share your content, with our services;
◆To identify and authenticate you so that you can access certain content or use some of our services;
◆To increase and maintain the security of our products and services to prevent misuse thereof;
◆To communicate with you and provide you with customer support;
◆To allow you to interact with certain third-party products or services (for example, to enable you to link to third-party websites or view content on our services, or to connect to third-party products and services through Foscam Cloud services, or with vendors that help us send emails and run our websites);
◆To market (including operating, managing, analyzing and improving our products and services; developing new products and services; managing and evaluating the effectiveness of our communications; accounting, auditing, billing reconciliation, and collection activities and other internal functions);
◆To keep watch, identify, and prevent against fraud and other criminal activities, claims, and other liabilities; ◆To abide by and enforce applicable legal requirements and relevant industry standards and

Prior to using your information, we will specifically inform you and obtain your consent to the extent as required by law.


3. How we protect and preserve your personal information

3.1 Protection and security measures for your personal information

We will make every reasonable effort to protect the personal information we obtain about you, and have a dedicated data security department to protect your personal information.

To protect your personal information from accidental and unauthorized access, copying, modification, transmission, loss, destruction, processing, or use, we have taken and will continue to take the following measures to protect such information.

(1) Our web service adopts encryption technologies such as transmission security protocols and provides browsing services via https to ensure the security of user data during transmission.

(2) We encrypt and store the personal information of users by adopting encryption technology and keeping it isolated with a certain form of technology.

(3) When personal information is used, such as the display and contextual computing of personal information, we will use data desensitization technologies, including content replacement and encryption desensitization, to enhance the security of the personal information being used.

(4) Set up a strict data use and access system, and adopt strict data access authority control and multiple authentication technology to protect personal information and avoid the unauthorized use of data. We permit only authorized personnel to access personal information and require them to perform their corresponding confidentiality obligations.

(5) We carry out special data and technology security audits, setting up log audits and behavior audit measures.

3.2 Other security measures taken to protect personal information

(1) We manage to regulate the storage and use of personal information by establishing a data classification and grading system, data security management norms, and data security development norms.

(2) Set up specialized departments to protect information and organizations for emergency responses concerning data security to promote and secure personal information.

(3) Strengthen safety awareness. We will also organize security and privacy training courses to enhance employees' awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

3.3 Notwithstanding having taken the reasonable and effective measures outlined above and having complied with the standards as required by relevant laws, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information when it is communicated through insecure channels. Hence, you should take active measures to ensure the security of your personal information, such as: setting a complex password, changing it regularly, and not disclosing it and other personal information to others.

3.4 There is always a risk of information leakage in the network environment. When an incident, force majeure, or other circumstance leads to the leakage of your personal information, we will try our best to control the situation and promptly inform you of the cause of the incident, the security measures we have taken, and what measures you can take on your own initiative.

3.5 In the event of an unfortunate security incident regarding personal information, we will, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, promptly inform you of: the basic situation of the security incident and its possible impact, the disposal measures we have taken or will take, the suggested measures you can take to independently prevent and reduce the risk, solutions you can use, etc. We will also promptly inform you of the incident by email, letter, telephone, push notification, etc. When it is difficult for us to inform you on the subject of the personal information one by one, we will announce the details in a reasonable and effective manner. Meanwhile, we will also report to the relevant competent authorities for filing as per the relevant laws and regulations.

3.6 Preservation of your personal information

(1) If Foscam Cloud is involved in the transfer of your personal information abroad, it will clearly inform you of the matter and first obtain your consent and take appropriate measures to protect your legitimate interests; We will store users' personal information that is collected inside China within the borders of China in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

(2) We will continuously store your personal information for you during your use of Foscam Cloud's products or services. In case you take the initiative to request to delete your personal information, we will do so within 48 hours thereafter, but before deleting we will continue to save such information.


4. How we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information

4.1 We will not transfer or otherwise share your personal information, apart from in the following cases:

(1) If Foscam Cloud has been expressly authorized or consented to by you or your guardian;

(2) If we are required to disclose the information by judicial or administrative authorities based on legal procedures;

(3) When Foscam Cloud files a lawsuit or arbitration against a user to defend its legal rights;

(4) In accordance with the relevant service agreement and rules of use made and entered into by and between you and Foscam Cloud;

(5) To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, in order to hold Foscam Cloud and its affiliates, Foscam Cloud users, and social public interests free from harm;

(6) To confirm with relevant agreements between you and other third parties.

4.2 In addition, we may share your information, such as order, account, and device information with third parties, such as our

partners, to ensure the smooth completion of the services you are provided with. We may share your personal information with the following third parties:

(1) Our affiliates and subsidiaries:

(2) Service providers who provide services on our behalf (e.g., order service providers as well as data analysis and storage providers);

(3) Providers who help us send emails and run our websites;

We do not authorize the above enterprises to use or disclose information, unless they will provide services on our behalf or as required by law.

4.3. You may share your video, location, and identity with specific parties, or share the same with unspecified people based on our products and/or services. In the event of a serious leakage of your personal information as a result of your sharing practices, Foscam Cloud will not assume the relevant legal liabilities.

4.4. Transfers

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization, or individual, apart from in the following cases:

(1) Transfers with express consent: We will transfer your personal information to other parties after obtaining your express consent;

(2) In case of a merger, acquisition, or liquidation involving the transfer of personal information, we will require the new company or organization holding your personal information to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy, otherwise we will require that company or organization to seek your authorization and consent again.

4.5 Public disclosure

We shall not publicly disclose the personal information that we have collected. If we are required to disclose such information publicly, then we will inform you of the purpose thereof, the type of information to be disclosed, and the sensitivity of the information that may be involved, and obtain your express prior consent.

We will only publicly disclose your personal information if:

(1) We have obtained your express consent;

(2) We may publicly disclose your personal information as required by law, such as laws, legal procedures, lawsuits, or the mandatory requirements of government authorities.

5. Your rights

5.1 In accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards, we protect your right to exercise the following in relation to your personal information:

(1) You are entitled to access your personal information with exceptions provided by relevant laws and regulations. 

(2) To request us to correct your personal information; 

(3) To change the scope of your authorized consent or to revoke your authorization; 

(4) To choose not to receive our marketing and promotional emails; and 

(5) To request us to delete your personal information.

To exercise these rights, please contact us as described in the "How to Contact Us" section of this Privacy Policy. To protect your privacy and maintain security, we may take measures to verify your identity prior to granting you access.


6. Protection of minors

6.1 We take the protection of minors' personal information very seriously. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the written consent of your parent or legal guardian prior to using Foscam Cloud products and services, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

6.2 Our website and mobile applications are designed for adults. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 18 without first obtaining permission from their parent or guardian. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe that your child under the age of 18 has provided use with information, please refer to the "How to Contact Us" section of this Privacy Policy.

6.3 If we discover that we have collected personal information from a minor without obtaining the prior verifiable consent from a parent or legal guardian, we will do what one can to delete the data as soon as possible.


7. Updating Our Privacy Policy

We may sporadically change This Policy. We will not reduce your rights under This Policy without your express consent. We will post any changes to This Policy on this page.

We will notify you of any material changes in the form of push notifications, pop-ups, emails, etc.

Material changes as referred to in This Policy shall include but not be limited to:

7.1 Material changes that have taken place in our service model. Such as the purpose and type of personal information processing, and the use of personal information;

7.2 Material changes have taken place in our ownership and organization structure. Such as changing owners as a result of business adjustments, bankruptcy, and mergers and acquisitions;

7.3 Changes in the primary recipients of sharing, transfer, or public disclosure in terms of personal information;

7.4 Material changes in your rights to participate in the processing of personal information, and in the manner in which it takes place.

7.5 Changes in our departments responsible for handling the security of personal information, in contact information, and in complaint channels;

7.6 An Impact Assessment Report on Personal Information Security indicates a high risk.


8. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or would like us to update the information we hold about you, to change your preferences, or to exercise other applicable data protection rights, please contact us via email at:


Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Street One, Vanke Cloud City, Xili Community, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


As for EU or UK data subjects, you have the right to ask or complain to regulatory authorities about Foscam data processing activities. If you have any questions, or need to exercise your rights as an EU or UK data subject, please contact our EU or UK representative:



Address: Romy-Schneider-Strasse 4a, D-40549 Duesseldorf

Contact: Mengnan Luo


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