Dear Foscam customers,


Foscam has been providing security solutions to homes and businesses for over 10 years, holding customer safety and satisfaction as our highest priority. To ensure your safety, we have recently reviewed and updated all of our cameras’ firmware to fully protect against any future security threats. The risks these updates are correcting were negligible in nature, however it is imperative to our commitment to security to be proactive and mitigate all potential vulnerabilities. At Foscam, we will always strive to ensure our users security is our number one priority.


Firmware update link


Foscam App - Firmware Update Instructions

1) While viewing the video feed in the Foscam app, tap the settings icon in the top-right corner.

2) Tap Firmware Upgrade

3) Tap Upgrade (the process will take a couple of minutes to download and install) As the manufacturer of all Foscam products, we stand behind our products by offering technical support, limited warranty on cameras, and regular firmware and software updates. If you have any problem or question during firmware upgrade,please contact us


For more technical details, read our official report


Thank you,


Foscam Team



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