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At Foscam, we value our relationship with you and respect your rights and interest as a consumer. Therefore, in order to improve user experience and keep user informed of the news about what we’ve improved in service upgrade, what kind of new models we are offering, and what kind of special offers are available, we hereby sincerely invite you to subscribe Foscam Newsletter. After the subscription, which means that you also allow Foscam to deliver the newsletter by Email service provider “Webpower”.


Under your prior consent, we will regularly deliver all those content that most interest you to your designated email box. And we will be responsive to you for any feedback or suggestion about products or service. Legally, you will always preserve the right to unsubscribe at any time, and if you want your recordings be removed in the data base immediately, please contact us by E-mail


Meanwhile, we also have updated the Privacy Policy to enhance the encryption of the information that you’ve authorized to us, and we promise that we will always treat your interest with the utmost care.


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