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FOSCAM Launches Innovative New Products at 2019 Distributor Conference

FOSCAM, a professional surveillance camera and solution provider, held 2019 Distributor Conference in Amsterdam on May 2nd and launched its innovative new products. “We are glad to meet our distributors together here, and are proud to introduce our new brand positioning and new products.”, said Peter, General Manager of FOSCAM.

Since 2019, with its over a decade of experience in video surveillance industry, FOSCAM will upgrade brand and position in the whole home security, including bringing in low-power products and new forms of products for different scenarios.

The biggest highlight of new features is human detection. FOSCAM applies advanced AI algorithm on cameras to give users a more personal and purposeful home security experience. 

Using characteristics of human figure imaging, together with graphic image processing, FOSCAM Smart Cameras can detect humanoid targets in moving images based on human figure models. This feature can only distinguish human activity, eliminating false alerts triggered by pets or other things, that makes the alert more accurate and users only get the alerts they really care about.

In near future, FOSCAM’s home security cameras are gaining more and more AI features, featuring human tracking and face recognition etc..

Besides the above, improvement of images, voice control(Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant), user’s experience and supporting multiple network, are also the highlights of new products and service.

Foscam’s new products have been attracting distributors

In the past 12 years, FOSCAM has been committed to the R&D, design, manufacturing of home security cameras and insisted on strict control of product quality, that’s the reason it’s still in the markets of over 80 countries or areas and used by millions of users, after years of the rapid development of the industry and the fierce competition. In this field with huge growth potential, FOSCAM will take the great opportunity to expand.

FOSCAM will release more new products to further satisfy market’s needs and to uplift users’ experience. It is coming soon and let’s look FOSCAM forward to bring surprise in 2019!

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