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Foscam E1 Wire-free IP Security Camera for Smart and Secure Life

What is the easiest way to secure the safety of your family and property? Home security camera could be one of the choices, and a wire-free one would be better. Here's the thing about traditional home security camera: it usually requires experts or professionals to install them. However, the newly released Foscam E1 has minimized the time and effort we spent on home-surveillance.

Foscam E1 is a refreshing take on a market currently, the latest wire-free camera works both indoors and outdoors.It stands out in four features: no wires, 1080P stream, powered by rechargeable battery, 7 days' free cloud storage up to 1GB - That you'd be hard to find in other cameras. Which means it is extremely easy to install and operate around your house with the magnetized mount. And whenever motion or sound is detected, the captured clips will be synchronized to your smartphone for alerts and cloud for 7 day’s free storage. 

The camera system is sold with one camera and a WIFI base station which is used to connect with the router. 4 cameras can be connected to one E1 HUB at the same time, therefore, you can purchase these cameras individually, in multipacks, or bundled with a hub. (Add-on camera will be available soon)

Foscam also offers a fairly comprehensive after-service.In regards of product setting and product faulty, customers can directly contact the after-service team via email and phone inquiry to get their problem solved in an decent way.

So should you buy the Foscam E1? If you are planning to use it to keep an eye on your home when you are away, and confused with the complicated settings of those overloaded security cameras,this wire-free security camera should be a nice option. 

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