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FOSCAM Unveils Its New 720P PoE NVR Security System

FOSCAM is going to release its enhanced 720P PoE NVR security system FN3108E-B4-1T and FN3108E-B8-2T (two variants) recently. This cost-efficient system features extra long video storage time for two-week video playback. Additional system advantages include 4-channel synchronous timeline playback, multiple access for local & remote viewing, strong compatibility, flexible expansion and easier trouble shooting.

Pre-installed hard drive can normally support 24/7 video storage for 7 days. With smart record technology specially designed for longer storage, this system allows you to play back the video in the past 14 days.

With timeline playback feature you can play back the recorded video on four channels simultaneously to get the whole event under control. Intelligent timeline allows you to go back to different days, hours or minutes and see everything you missed.

The system supports both local and remote viewing access. You can view the video feed locally by connecting the system to a monitor, or via major browsers such as IE, Firefox and Safari, or via iOS & Android App on mobile devices remotely. 

FN3108E-B4-1T is composed of an 8 channel NVR and four FI9800E cameras. As a security system with strong compatibility, this system supports connection of any other ONVIF compliant IP cameras. It’s really wonderful for DIY a unique system which satisfies your need.

By supporting camera-splitscreen correspondence, trouble shooting becomes much easier when the video on a certain split screen is abnormal. You’ll know exactly which channel should be checked. 


- 8-channel live viewing, 4-channel synchronous playback

- 720P high definition images, ultra visual experience for day and night

- Standard PoE, compatible with other Foscam Onvif-compliant cameras

- Easy setup for beginners, one click to access all cameras in the system

- Remote and local access for 24/7 peace of mind

- Pre-installed 1TB/2TB hard drive (up to 4TB), supports 24/7 recording

- Motion detection alert push to email and FTP

- 66 feet (20 meters) IR range, deter intruder under the cover of night

- Weatherproof mini bullet cameras with compact design

- Circuit protection to ensure the security and stable performance of system

- USB data transfer, back up data to external storage device

- HD-OUT: connect via HD cable to HDTV

If you need a complete system to cover the video surveillance of larger space, FN3108E-B4-1T and FN3108E-B8-2T are ideal choices. And you can change it to satisfy all your demands. You’re gonna like this!

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