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Many customers recently have reported to Foscam headquarter that some company claims that its non-Foscam IP camera brand is a “Sub-brand of Foscam” and “A New Brand Launched by Foscam” via marketing emails, telephones, Amazon messages, advertisement, etc.

We, as the legal brand owner of “Foscam”, officially declare that Foscam has never launched any new brand or sub-brand with other brand name, except “Foscam”, “Fosbaby” and “Huntvision” up to now. We have reason to doubt that this company fakes Foscam and produces counterfeit products. We reserve the right to protect our brand image through legal action and lodge a claim for our losses. To protect our customers’ security and legal right, we strongly suggest all customers recognize “Foscam” “Fosbaby” and “Huntvision” as the only official and legal brands owned by Foscam company globally. If we launch new brand in the future, we will let you know via

Thank you for your continuous support to Foscam. We always try our best to bring wonderful products to all customers. If you find any fake product or relevant information, please contact

ShenZhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

May 18th, 2016

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