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Version Build Date Size Release Note Attention Download
V-2.x.2.47_p1 2018/05/09 186KB Improved security. Only system firmware and application firmware 2.x.2.47 can upgrade with this patch.
V-2.x.2.47 2018/4/11 24.92MB 1.Improved security; 2.Remove long-time recording function; This firmware is suitable for cameras C1,C1 V2,C1-Lite,C1-Lite V2,FI9800P,FI9800P V2,FI9803P V2,FI9803P V3,FI9815P, FI9815P V2,FI9816P,FI9816P V2,FI9851P V2/FI9800W/FI9800E/FI9800XE.
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