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FI9851P V3
Version Build Date Size Release Note Attention Download
V-2.x.2.33_p1 2018/05/09 412kb Improved security. Only system firmware and application firmware 2.x.2.33 can upgrade with this patch.
V-2.x.2.33 2018/04/17 13.8MB 1.Improved security. 2.Remove long-time recording function; 3.Update plugin to support live stream on Firefox and Chrome by HTML5. This firmware is suitable for cameras C1 Lite V3,C1 V3,FI9800E V2,FI9800W V2,FI9800XE V2,FI9803P V4,FI9816P V3,FI9821EP V2,FI9821P V3,FI9851P V3,FI9853EP V2.
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