Foscam camera only detect human activities, eliminating 'false alarms' triggered by flying insects,
moving pets or other objects, and push notifications to your devices when there might be a danger detected. You'll
only be alerted for the moments that matter most and experience more personal and purposeful home security.

No Extra Cost

We provide Artificial Intelligence(AI) Human Detection for
free, all you need to do is upgrade to our new firmware.
Go to download firmware >>


Foscam new AI algorithm only identifies human activities, eliminating
false alarms triggered by pets or other things.

AI Benefits to a Security Camera

What is AI? Loosely defined, artificial intelligence(AI) is also referred to as machine intelligence and can further be defined as the cognitive functions that are mimicked by machines. This includes learning and problem-solving.

As machines, including security cameras, become more sophisticated and optical character recognition, more high-level AI is becoming a valuable commodity in security cameras.

The incredible use of AI in IP cameras means harnessing AI technology to accurately identify and verify the identity of someone at your door and alert you if that someone is not familiar to you. The IP camera can also pick up unusual movements, license plates, strange cars, as well as animals moving across your property. Once the IP camera detects anomalies, it sounds an alarm giving you a “heads-up” on what’s going on around your property.

In-person detection is an optional free service that works with Foscam cameras Motion Detection features. The feature identifies if there is a person in a motion event video. You can be notified when there is a person in motion, even a video clip, or you can filter your videos only to see videos where a person has been detected. The service offered by Foscam cameras is not active unless you manually activate the service. If you don’t want to have this service, turn it off, and the AI code will not record people in a video event. Note that by default, Foscam cameras does not use customer data to improve the AI model.

AI in the security camera industry is still in the early stages, but its role in video surveillance is getting more important. We can better protect our children and families by having security cameras that can actually analyze what is going on and stop criminal behavior before it happens.

Foscam Cameras with AI Human Dection

  • R4S

    Super HD 4MP Home Security
    Wi Fi IP Camera

    Learn more >
  • G4

    4MP Super HD WiFi Outdoor
    Security Camera

    Learn more >
  • QJ4

    4MP Super HD Outdoor
    PoE IP Camera

    Learn more >
  • R2C

    2MP Dual-Band Wi-Fi IP Camera
    with AI Human Detection

    Learn more >
  • G2

    1080P Pan/Tilt Home Security
    WiFi IP Camera

    Learn more >
  • QJ2

    1080P Waterproof Outdoor
    WiFi IP Camera

    Learn more >
  • FI9961EP

    1080P Waterproof Outdoor
    POE IP Camera

    Learn more >
  • Coming Soon

    More camreas
    with Alexa Function will
    launch soon

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