Smart Chime working with Foscam Video Doorbell (VD1)

You can hear notifications in your home when your Foscam video doorbell (VD1) is triggered.

1,200Mbps Dual-band Wi-Fi Extender

Foscam VC1 also works as 1,200Mbps 2.4GHz&5GHz Wi-Fi range extender,

that enhances the signal performance of all your Wi-Fi devices especially Foscam video

doorbell (VD1) and reduce dead zones.

Louder Alerts

Volume of the ring is very loud up to 100dB. You can hear the ring easily in your home.

Built-in nightlight

The nightlight will automatically turn on when someone makes a sound at night, e.g. clap your hands.

5 different ringtones option

Choose your favorite ringtones to color your life.

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