Complete Protection

Get the whole system for complete protection. After being powered, four cameras will connect to the NVR in the same system automatically and provide your home complete protection.

Mount it anywhere you like

Enjoy all the advantages of wireless security system, such as flexible mounting positions, easier wiring works and less drilling or screws.

Easy Connection

Have a larger home with Wi-Fi dead zones? Thanks to Mesh network solution, each camera serves as a hop point for other cameras in the system and connect in series. This helps the cameras to deliver a strong Wi-Fi signal as they are connecting to other cameras and not relying on one-to-one communications with the NVR. It allows the network to cover a range up to 300 meters if there’s no obstructions.

* Only one optimal route will be automatically selected. For example, if one IPC is connected to NVR, it will not be connected to another IPC.

Traditional Network

Network to cover a range of 50-100 meters

Mesh Network

Network to cover a range of 300 meters

Human Detection

In addition to the basics such as motion/sound detection, the security cameras offer also offers free human detection, which is able to distinguish human from other moving objects and send alerts to you. It helps a lot in security scenarios, if your camera sends you an alert that someone on your front porch or walking into your backyard, you can more easily to stop them.

High performance night vision camera

30pcs infrared LEDs enable long night vision distance(up to 66ft), which enables clear video evidence of theft or intrusion that occur in low-light environment.

· Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive supports ultra-long continuous 24/7 recording (supports external hard drive up to 6TB).

· The table below shows how long the Foscam NVR can record for 24/7 under different HDD capacity for reference. 

* Note: Compared with 24/7 recording, the maximum video length of motion detection recording will be much longer.


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