Sharper than ever

Foscam FI9901EP outdoor PnP mini bullet camera


See more with extreme high definition

Advanced image sensor and Ambarella chip processes 4.0 megapixel streaming video efficiently. Compared to 1080P camera, you can see much sharper video and get more details.

Tips: To view 4.0 megapixel video effect, please make sure that your monitor, computer or smart phone supports 2560×1440 resolution at least.

Clearer image even in backlight situations

Advanced WDR 2.0 technology helps optimize image quality under a wide range of lighting conditions. Objects in the extremely bright and dark areas or in backlight situations can be visible for you.

Remove all your doubts with 6X zoom

Zoom in on specific area without giving away the image quality. Never leave anything to question with a closer look. Ensure the absolute security of home or business.

Power over Ethernet

With the help of PoE technology, this camera can be powered by Ethernet cable. Wiring work becomes easier for you. When this camera works with Foscam Waterproof Junction Box, a small drilling hole for the cables on the wall is enough, which minimizes the damage to your home's interior design.

Tips: As a PoE camera, FI9901EP must work in alliance with PoE NVR or PoE switch to be powered by Ethernet cable. Or else the camera still need be powered by power cord. Waterproof Junction Box is applicable to FI9901EP. It need to be purchased at addtional cost when necessary.

Clear night vision to deter criminals

Cutting-edge night vision technology allows you to see clearly in complete darkness. This can effectively deter the criminal under the cover of night and give you 24/7 peace of mind.

Weatherproof design for outdoor use

IP66-rated aluminium housing is specially designed to ensure protection against all types of bad weather. Year-around security monitoring never stops due to -4°F to 140°F operating temperature range.


Alert push for motion detection

Built-in sensor can detect human motions automatically. If something happens, the alerts about the motion will be pushed to your email, FTP or mobile App.

Tips: captured image alert can be pushed to you if Foscam Cloud Service is          subscribed. Or else there is only text alert push.

One-click firmware upgrade via mobile app

FOSCAM regularly releases firmware updates to protect its camera away from hackers. But it used to be tricky for the user to operate. In view of this, one-click firmware upgrade is developed for firmware update on mobile App.

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