Now it's time to enjoy sharp and clear
images via 960P HD high resolution.

Equipped with 1.3 megapixel lens, FI9828P is capable of streaming video with 1280x960p HD quality, which allows for extremely smooth video transmission with minimal bandwidth consumption. Bring convenience to your life by letting you know your loved ones and personal belongings are away from risks.

Outdoor Weatherproof Design

Aluminum shell makes FI9828P a versatile camera to work outdoors under some bad weather conditions such as small rain. Please make sure the camera is installed upright to prevent water from getting in.

The easiest way to monitor your home remotely.

21 IR-LEDs for Long-distance IR Range of 65.6 Feet

The infrared radiation range of FI9828P is up to 20 meters (65.6 feet) in virtue of 21 IR-LEDs. It can automatically correct color cast problems in the daytime and enhance the brightness at night with IR cut-off filter.

3X Optical Zoom

3X optical zoom reveals every detail.
Even the most unnoticeable corner
can be detected.

Motion Detection Alert Push via E-mail and FTP

Automatically detect moving objects and trigger alert. Send alert email to user and upload the images to FTP server when danger occurs. Protect your loved ones easily and effectively.
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