Mini Bullet Camera
Unique Design

Take on exquisite appearance

FI9800P, a mini bullet camera which inherits its
exquisite appearance from FI9900P, is the best
combination of technology and beauty.

Waterproof Function

IP66 Aluminum Shell & Additional Waterproof Box

IP66 aluminum shell allows FI9800P to weather through all
conditions. There is no need at all to worry about its working
status during bad weather. The waterproof box can protect the base
and exposed wires of FI9800P for the better camera work performance.

1.0 Megapixel 720P HD Camera

Offer better work performance and extremely smooth video

Equipped with 1.0 megapixel lens, FI9800P is capable of transmitting smooth video with minimal
bandwidth consumption, which makes you feel free to view clearer video conveniently.

30 IR-LEDs for Long-distance
IR Range of 65.6 Feet

Ensure the clear view in the dark

The infrared radiation range of FI9800P is up to 20 meters (65.6 feet) in virtue of 30 IR-LEDs,
which ensures the clear view in the dark and the prevention of security threat.

Motion Detection Alert Push via E-mail and FTP

Know what is happening immediately

Select the area you want to detect freely, and don’t worry about receiving false alerts caused by passing birds over your house. alerts can send notifications directly to your mobile devices, so that you never need worry about missing anything important.

Message Push

IP camera, the electronic eye of human
beings, can send you alerts when
necessary to bring you the round-the-clock
peace of mind.

Tips: Please update your camera to FI9800P-
2.x.2.6 or above versions to use the new functions

One-key Online Firmware
Upgrade via Smartphone APP

The easiest way to upgrade your IP camera firmware

Tips: Please update your camera to FI9800P-2.x.2.6 or
above versions to use the new functions.

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