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What is Floodlight Camera?

A motion-activated floodlight camera with built-in lights and security siren works around the clock to

keep you connected and protected. The main difference between regular outdoor cameras and floodlight

cameras are the bright floodlights. The lights on the floodlight camera are operated by passive infrared

heat detection and will turn on for motion events when it's dark.

2K Resolution Video Clarity

Different from most floodlight cameras with ordinary 1080p resolution, Foscam floodlight camera

featuring 4MP resolution is capable of providing video resolutions up to 2560 x 1440 pixels at 25

frames per second (fps). It increases the level of detail and clarity to your security footage so you

have a better chance to capture important evidence, such as facial features. With built-in white

LED and IR LED, it has excellent night vision image. You’ll never miss a detail, even in the dark.

Human Detection

In addition to the basics such as motion/sound detection, Foscam floodlight camera also offers

free human detection, which is able to distinguish human from other moving objects and send

alerts to you. It helps a lot in security scenarios, if your camera sends you an alert that someone

on your front porch or walking into your backyard, you can more easily to stop them.

Light up Everything

The Foscam floodlight camera has a large floodlight on each side of the camera. With built-in PIR

motion sensor, when Foscam floodlight camera detects something unusual, it will turn on the

floodlights immediately. Their brightness is up to 2600Ium and they can illuminate dark corners

and stop the crime before it happens. They also make the figures on-screen more clear and easy

to make out details. You can set PIR schedule or tweak motion sensitivity to fit your needs.

Two-way Audio

Foscam floodlight camera supports two-way audio, with built-in mic and speaker,

you can communicate with welcomed guests and get rid of unwanted guests no matter where you are.

Dual Band Wi-Fi

The smart floodlight camera runs on a dual-band WiFi network signal, which means you can pair it with

either 2.4GHz or 5GHz networks. It reduces connection time and simplifies the setup process. Connecting

5GHz network strengthens the connection while also prevents signal interference.

Works with Foscam mobile App and PC App

With Foscam mobile App you can view live streaming, talk and listen through your floodlight camera,

receive instant alerts to your smartphone and more.

Foscam PC App is a video management software(VMS) with intuitive user interface makes storing, finding,

viewing and managing videos on your computer, laptop or tablet a breeze.


Since floodlights require quite a bit of electricity, you need to wire them up to a power source.

*Before installation, please ensure your floodlight camera added to Foscam App.

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