How to monitor multi-device in LAN?

Suitable for MJPG camera: FI8903W, FI8904W, FI8905W, FI8907W, FI8908W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918W, FI8919W.

MJPG camera supports to monitor up to 9 IP cameras simultaneously. Please take the following steps as a reference to set multi-device in LAN.

Step 1: Login your camera, go to Device Managment Multi-Device Settings.

Click The 2nd Device and then choose one camera in Device List in LAN. Alias, Host and Http Port will be filled in automatically. You just need to enter the User and Password for the camera.

Click Add to add camera and then click Submit to save the settings.

You can add more cameras in the same way. For example, I add three cameras here.

Step 2: Click Back to the real-time page. Click four windows view, then you will see all the four cameras at the same page.


1.Only on the device which you add other cameras can monitor all these cameras. If you want monitor on every camera, you need to do the same settings as above steps.

2.If you get error message like “Fail to connect to the device: Incorrect user”, please go back to Multi-Device settings to check the parameters.

3.This is for local viewing. If you want monitor multi-device on internet, please refer to “How to monitor multi-device in WAN”.


by Foscam Technical Support Team