How to set preset and cruise track for HD indoor PT cameras

1. How to set preset?
Set the preset point under ‘Preset’ on the living video interface.
1) Pan/Tilt the camera to a position you want to set;
2) Click ’+’, name the posion, e.g. oo1, then next time you can go to 001 directly when you choose 001 under preset list. (Figure1)
Click ‘—‘ to delete the preset points.

                   &nb sp;                                       &nb sp;                        Figure 1

2. How to add cruise tracks?
1)Firstly, go to ‘preset settings’ interface, click add button and enter a descriptive name (track 1) to identify the cruise track. (Figure 2)

                   &nb sp;                                       &nb sp;                 Figure 2
2) Secondly, select one preset point in the left box where you can see all preset points it has and click add button, you will see the preset points has been added into the cruise track box.
Note: You need to add two or more preset points to the cruise track box to make it as a track. (Figure 3)

                   &nb sp;                                       &nb sp;                 Figure 3
Thirdly, click “OK” button, you will see track1 in the list of cruise track now, it means the cruise track takes effect. (Figure 4)

                   &nb sp;                                       &nb sp;                       Figure 4
As you can see, we have added two presets to track1, 001 and Rightmost.That means when we select track1 surveillance window, the camera will move as following track: Go to 001, then to Rightmost.
When go back to the monitoring interface, we will see all the cruise tracks we have added. (Figure 5)

                   &nb sp;                                         Figure 5
3. Start-Up Options
There are three status we can set for the camera starting.
1) Do not PT after power on:
When you choose ‘Disable Start-Up’, the camera won’t move during its start.
2) PT and stop in the center after power on:
When you choose ‘GoTo home Position’, the camera will cruise a circle automatically and go back to the home position.
3) PT to the preset point you set:
When you choose ‘GoToPreset Position’, the camera will go to the preset point you selected. (Figure 6)

                   &nb sp;                                       &nb sp;                                         Figure 6

Note: The software support max 16 preset points and 8 cruise tracks.