1.0 Megapixel 720P (1280*720) Display
Resolution for Home Security

Equipped with 1.0 megapixel lens, C1 Lite is capable of transmitting streaming video with
1280x720p HD quality, which allows for extremely smooth video transmission with minimal
bandwidth consumption. Bring convenience to your life by letting you know your loved ones and personal
belongings are away from risks.

The easiest way to monitor your home remotely.

Easy to Be Fitted in Any Corner
of Your Home with the Rounded
Edges and 115°Angle of View

It’s easy for you to mount it on your wall, put it on a table or install it
up to the ceiling. It always keeps an eye on what matters most and
covers most of irregular rooms with an ultra wide 115°angle of view.

Two-way Audio to Enable
Live Communication

The wireless camera supports two-way audio communication in virtue of built-in microphone and speaker.
1. You can hear what's going on near the camera;
2. You can be heard on the camera end via a smartphone.

Motion Detection & Message Push

Automatically detect moving objects and trigger alert. Send
alert email to users via APP or FTP server when danger occurs.
Protect your loved ones easily and effectively.

Take Care of Your Loved Ones
and Pets During the Day

C1 Lite can help not only in recording videos for the convenience of
taking care of your baby and elders during the day when you are out,
but also in monitoring your lovely pets to make you worry no more
while working outside by viewing videos via APP on your smartphone
or Foscam VMS.

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