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Foscam FBT-02 is a complete one-stop face recognition and thermal body temperature monitoring system. This system is an
ideal device to be used in crowded areas for public health where measuring body temperature quickly is of critical importance.
Now many organizations and industries use this technology to help in the global fight against COVID-19.

  • Non-contact, enables social distancing
  • Automatic, accurate &
    rapid measurement
  • Simple Assembling & easy
    to use
  • Affordable, significantly
    lower price

What’s Included

Touch-Screen Smart Terminal

How it works

01 / Face Capture

·The optical visible camera captures the objects and transmit image to Smart Terminal.
·The AI algorithm of the Smart Terminal analyzes the image and captures the faces that appears.

02 / Temperature Measurement

·AI algorithm analyzes the position and size of the face in the image
·The smart terminal sends the position and size information to the thermal camera. The thermal camera calculates the
temperature information of the area and sends it back to the smart terminal.
·The smart terminal calculates the actual temperature of the human face according to the algorithm.

03 / Face & Mask Recognition

·The smart terminal determines whether the face is wearing a mask based on the AI algorithm
·If no mask detected, the smart terminal will search face information in the face database and show the recognition result.
·If mask is detected, the smart terminal will exclude the mask area when calculating the face temperature

High Accuracy

With built-in blackbody, the system of
automatic calibration ensures measurement
with high accuracy within ≤±0.3℃ / 0.54°F .

High Efficiency

Recognize human faces and monitor
body temperatures from a distance of
3.8m away, can detect up to 10 persons
simultaneously and show the
results within 0.5 sec.

Intelligent Face

The intelligent face recognition technology
improves accuracy, it can recognize human
faces even wearing hats, masks, or glasses,
and prevent interference from hot objects
like hot water or lighter.

Simple Assembling

Cameras with built-in blackbody and smart
terminal with software are integrated and
preset,no external blackbody, computer or
server is needed, just assemble it and use
it after power up.

High Temperature Alerts

With built-in siren alarm, it will alert you to
high temperature readings and can send
notifications via email.

Record & statistical analysis

The data will also be recorded and uploaded to
the management system for further statistical
analysis. The system comes with 16G storage
and supports external USB.

Where it can be used

This system is ideal for warehouse & factories, business, hotels,
restaurants, schools and public transit etc..

  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturers
  •       Retailers
  •     Business
  •           Public transit


Thermal Camera
Thermal Sensor Resolution 320x240
Lens 8mm
Temperature measurement range 32℃~42℃
Accuracy ≤±0.3℃ / 0.54°F(Emission rate, distance, ambient temperature, etc.)
Temperature correction Automatic correction
Response Time ≤ 0.5 second
Detection Distance 3.8-meter (1-1.5 meters recommended)
Sensitivity ≤40mK
Face Detection up to 10 targets
Field of View 50° (Horizontal)
Working Temperature 15~37℃
Optical Visible Camera
Resolution 1920x1080
Lens 8mm
Sensor Sony 327
Field of View 60° (Horizontal)
Face Recognition AI Local Recognition (No Need Cloud)
Detection Mode Face Recognition Mode: Detects the temperature of the whole face, and recognize the people.
No Face Recognition Mode: Detects the temperature of the whole face, but NOT recognize the people.
***Mask Mode/Hat Mode: Detect the temperature only.
Single/Multiple Mode: Detect single person or multiple people body temperature
Touch-Screen Smart Terminal
CPU RK3399, 6-Core (Dual-Core A72+Four-Core A53), 1.8GHz
Flash DDR3 4GB
Storage EMMC 16G, up to 128GB
Display Size 15.6 inch
Display Resolution 1920*1080 IPS
Display Brightness 250cd/m²
Touch Screen G+G Capacitive touch screen(10-point)
HDMI Port 1
Storage Port 1x Micro-SD card, up to 128GB
Speaker Left and right binaural output
USB port 1xUSB 2.0  /  1xUSB3.0  /   1xType C
Network 2.4G WiFi
1x RJ45 Port
Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions 383*239*55.9mm

After-sale service

This product comes with 1-year warranty and technical
support backed by Foscam.

*Foscam FBT-02 is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease or condition, and it is not intended for
medical use. Foscam FBT-02 measures skin temperature as a proxy for body temperature which is not 100% correlated.
Specifications and undocumented specifications are subject to change without notice or liability.

About Foscam

Foscam is a professional company which designs, develops and manufactures high quality and cost-effective security
solutions for home and businesses.Founded in 2007, Foscam has established global distribution channels in more than 80
countries and regions and millions of users. Foscam cooperates with global professional platforms such as OMRON to
provide AI smart products and AWS to provide secure and reliable Foscam Cloud service for customers.

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