For faster WIFI connection


Preliminary works to do

Get the Foscam app
Download Foscam app or update it to the latest version.

Tips: Please notice that Foscam camera of old models does not support EZlink.

Ensure your camera is under factory settings

Power the camera and you’ll hear the voice prompt “Hello, Foscam”.
If you’ve set up the camera before, please hold its reset button for 15 seconds to restore the camera to factory settings.
You should hear an audible confirmation message confirming that “reset succeeded”.

Keep your camera and phone close towireless router during initial setup

Tip: If you have a dual-band router, please select the correct wireless band . Please don’t power off the camera or move it away during setup.

Start wireless connection on app

Open Foscam app and click the “+” button to add camera.

Tips: Please create an account on Foscam app if you haven’t registered one before.

Position the app-generated QR code that displays on your smartphone towards the lens of the camera after hearing the voice prompt “Ready for WiFi configuration, please point the QR code to the camera directly.
Tips: Foscam cameras are using two methods “Sound wave” and “QR code identification” for Wi-Fi configuration at the same time. If the former runs faster and the WiFi is successfully connected, there will be no QR code on your phone.
When hearing the voice prompt "Wi-Fi connecting", please stop QR code scanning and wait for adding the camera until you hear the message “Wi-Fi connection succeeded”.
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