• Non-contact
    temperature measuring
  • Accurate
    face recognition
  • 0.3 second
    fast identification
  • Voice alarm

FFT-01/02 is a smart device for face recognition and temperature measuring applications. Based on
deep-learning algorithm, it integrates temperature measuring together with identity authorization and
access control. It features with non-contact temperature measuring, accurate recognition, high efficiency
and reliability, can be applied to the temperature security and the fast physical examination gate channels
such as school, hospital, hotel, shopping mall and office building etc..

Durable, commercial-grade hardware

· 8-inch HD LCD display
· 2MP, 1920x1080P@30fps
· Verbal alerts for abnormal temperatures
· Multiple hardware interface, integrated RJ45 Ethernet port, Wiegand port, Relay port

Accurate body temperature detection

· Support human body temperature detection
  with high accuracy ±0.3°C
· A distance of 0.4-0.7 meters for accurate
· 0.3 second fast identification

Smart facial recognition

· Live face detection technology distinguishing real 
  human faces from non-real face spoof like pictures
· Built-in deep learning face recognition algorithm for
  higher accuracy
· Support 50,000 face database
· Multiple working mode including Face Recognition
  mode, Temperature Measurement mode, and Mask 
  Recognition mode

Where it can be used

This device is ideal for supermarkets and retail shops, factories, transport hubs,
office buildings, schools and universities etc..

About Foscam

Foscam is a professional company which designs, develops and manufactures high quality and cost-effective security
solutions for home and businesses.Founded in 2007, Foscam has established global distribution channels in more than 80
countries and regions and millions of users. Foscam cooperates with global professional platforms such as OMRON to
provide AI smart products and AWS to provide secure and reliable Foscam Cloud service for customers.

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