Q:How to set FTP service settings on MJPEG cameras?

A:  If you want to upload images to FTP server, you can set FTP service settings.
1)Set FTP service settings
You need a ftp server before you do these settings.Make sure that you have enough permission on read, write, delete on the server.Please set as below picture. (Picture 1)


Picture 1

Here upload interval means the time between the first image and the second image. Here 10, means 10 seconds.
Make sure test succeed. (Picture 2)



Picture 2

2)If you want the camera upload images to ftp server when motion trigger. You need also set alarm service settings.
Please set alarm service settings as below. (Picture 3)



Picture 3

Do not forget to click submit after finish these settings.

If there is motion trigger, camera will upload images to ftp server.

◆If you set scheduler, camera will only alarm and upload pictures during the time you set when motion trigger.
◆If you do not choose scheduler, camera will always alarm and upload  pictures when motion trigger at any time.