4MP Security Cameras
with Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Human Detection

4MP Security Cameras with Artificial Intelligence(AI) Human Detection

We work hard continuously to provide home security cameras with innovative technology to make your life more secure and comfortable. And with great efforts, our 4MP security Cameras with Artificial Intelligence(AI) Human Detection technology are now presented to you!

Yet you may be worried about the cost, storage, bandwidth or other issues? Or just get overwhelmed by these new trends but haven’t known what exactly 4MP and AI security cameras are? We’re excited to offer the comprehensive information about them and show you everything we’ve been working on.

What is a 4MP security camera

You know, an image is made up of thousands and millions of pixels horizontally and vertically. 4MP stands for 4 Million pixels.

The more pixels in the same screen gives you higher resolution and a clearer image.

The researching report in 2018

Based on the researching report in 2018, 1080p was by far the most common resolution used in surveillance camera, but closely followed by 3-5MP. The average resolution used, though, is now closer to 3MP.

4MP security cameras, super high definition cameras that record 4-megapixel images with enhanced camera sensors, coming with improved resolution, color and contrast performance even in adverse conditions, have become the first choice in 2019 to meet user’s higher demand for home security.

4MP vs 1080p

1080P is 2 Million pixels. 4MP is 2x the size of 1080P.
Every added pixel of the 4 MP cameras will improve the image clarity.
What does that mean to you?
4MP security cameras can offer you clearer details of objects than ever before.
For example, you can clearly read license plates of cars parked out front, easily see the details of the packages at the door, and the facial features of thieves or burglars trying to break into your home.

4MP Super HD Video Quality


Image magnification effect


Image magnification effect

Note: The videos you see with your own eyes may don’t show much difference between the 1080P and 4MP security cameras, yet the 4MP IP cameras will definitely have a better chance to help figure out the details when you are checking the distant objects.

However, a 4MP IP camera doesn’t guarantee true 4MP images and videos. It needs to match with monitors with 2K resolution or higher to make sure you get a real 4MP security system.

Moreover, we are going to apply the power of the newer video stream compression h.265 codecs, which have advantages of storage and bandwidth savings with its greater efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Human Detection

The advanced AI algorithm is embedded into these new 4MP IP cameras. With this technology, they can only detect human activities, eliminating 'false alarms' triggered by flying insects, moving pets or other objects, and push notifications to your devices in real time when there is somebody entering your home. You'll only be alerted for the moments that matter most and experience more personal and purposeful home security.

Human Detection

Message Push

No Extra Cost

To use this function, you don’t need pay extra cost, we provide Artificial Intelligence(AI) Human Detection for free for these new AI security cameras (R4M, G4P, G4EP), as long as your camera with the latest firmware.

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