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What is Foscam Cloud?

Foscam Cloud is a platform that makes your Foscam cameras even better with additional features and services. It lets you easily access, view, manage multiple cameras anywhere , anytime.

It gives you real-time captured image alerts and save alarm recordings as it happens .It always keeps the highest level of alertness for you even if you are not available to watch live video all the time. With Foscam Cloud Service, never miss an event.


Access, manage and control all your cameras


Real-time protection with alerts sent to your smartphone


Triggered by motion and stored in the cloud immediately


Easily review footage with intelligent event timelines

Complete protection

Unlimited Live Streaming

People typically record video from an IP camera to local SD card ,PC or NVR.. But what if the hardware fails? Or perhaps a fire? Or worse, as part of a burglary, the SD card or hard drive is stolen along with your valuables?

What will you get with Foscam Cloud Service?

  • Let you know the real-time alert event immediatly
  • Let you check on past suspicious behavior
  • Let you preserve any security incident
  • Let you enjoy fun memories caught on your camera

Actually, You can’t always watch your video in front of your computer or phone. But Foscam Cloud Service can look for abnormal motion and sounds all the time. If something’s up, it’ll send a phone alert push and save the video recordings immediately from the event.

Service setup is easy

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We send you a service code within 24 hours

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Use the code to activate your service within the Foscam App

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