5 Tips for Securing Your Home in Holiday

5 Tips for Securing Your Home in Holiday

Keep our home safe is always a never-out-of-date thing! But how? especially in this holiday season. Let’s right into it. 

Tip1. Make sure every doorway to the outside has a door in it.

Tip2. Get a home security system, or at least a sticker that says you have a home security system.

Tip3. Keep your house appearing lived-in while you’re away by asking neighbors to pick up your mail, bring in your trash cans, and stage screaming matches in your kitchen around dinner time.

Tip4. A video doorbell can help deter would-be assailants from using your front door.

Tip5. Before posting any photos while on vacation, block any friends who seem like they might rob you.

Article resource: onion.com