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  1. Apartment Decoration Ideas 2019

    Apartment Decoration Ideas 2019 for Small Apartment

    Try these apartment decorating ideas on for size, and you’ll find your small apartment has never looked bigger.

    “A light rug can open up your room and make it feel larger,” says Langdon. A bound carpet remnant can work great. If your apartment came with stained or dark wall-to-wall carpeting, cover it up with a rug in a lighter hue.

    1. Choose a Light Color Palette

    When choosing your palette Keep things light when you try to choose colors for your small apartment. While rich darker colors have a tendency to make spaces appear smaller than fact to the eye,
     We don’t Need light shades. Try using the right color palette for your small apartment.

    2. Find an Organization System

    Back-of-the-door shoe-hangers offer pockets that can be used to hold anything you use every day.

    3. Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture

    Buy And Investing in furniture pieces that will do double duty.

    4. Go Vertical with Storage

    5. Embrace the Floating Design Trend

    6. Get some plants with you

    7. Don’t ignore Home Safety

    Apart from keeping your property security, it’s also important for that if you’re feeding pets or looking after the baby, set the home security system, which is not to be neglect.

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  2. 5 Tips for Securing Your Home in Holiday

    Keep our home safe is always a never-out-of-date thing! But how? especially in this holiday season. Let’s right into it. 

    Tip1. Make sure every doorway to the outside has a door in it.

    Tip2. Get a home security system, or at least a sticker that says you have a home security system.

    Tip3. Keep your house appearing lived-in while you’re away by asking neighbors to pick up your mail, bring in your trash cans, and stage screaming matches in your kitchen around dinner time.

    Tip4. A video doorbell can help deter would-be assailants from using your front door.

    Tip5. Before posting any photos while on vacation, block any friends who seem like they might rob you.

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  3. What Are The Myth And Reality of Baby’s Sleep Position

    How can Mom and Dad be sure they are receiving accurate information about the baby’s sleep position? With help from Dr. Andrew Adesman and his book “Baby Facts”, the site — separate baby myths from reality. 

    Myth: It’s OK to put your baby to sleep on his side.

    Reality: To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back — not their stomach or sides.

    Myth: You can control when and how long your newborn sleeps.

    Reality: Newborn babies fall asleep when they’re ready and wake up when they’re hungry, wet, or upset or because of some other normal cue.

    Nap = Soundly Sleeping Baby
    Myth: A nap in a car seat or stroller doesn’t count.

    Reality: If your child is sleeping soundly, it counts.

    About Dr. Andrew Adesman
    Dr. Adesman is Chief of the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Schneider Children’s Hospital in New York and an associate professor in the Pediatrics Department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His book Baby Facts reveals more than 200 startling myths and facts about babies’ and young children’s health, growth, care, and more.

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  4. Foscam Home Automation Idea - Smart, Simple, Secure

    When it comes to home automation, the first thing float to our mind is the smart home tech which are replacing the manual works nowadays. When connecting with the network, all the home electric appliance will be controlled in your hand.

    Home security ip camera and cloud storage service both are made up of the most simplistic installation and operation to ensure that home automation in the optimization of security.

    This takes us to the cloud storage service, as we know there many manufacturers, why choose us?

    1. What is Foscam Cloud ?

    Smart motion and sound detection technology will notify you
    smartphone of meaningful events.

    Save every alert video footage to help you check what happened
    in the past 3,15 or 30 days. Quicky see the important moments you missed, and enjoy viewing the fun moments anywhere.

    Cloud Storage is a model of data storage, which is the safest type of storage. You can never worry about the safety or any loss of your video history any more.

    Try it discount is ready for you, buy the combo of camera and cloud service. Know more here

    2.The primary features of Cloud Service:

    Personal alerts notification
    Get an alert capture notification when Foscam camera see alert happens

    Cloud alert captures and video history
    Save all alert captures and video clips for 3, 15 or 30 days in the cloud

    Cloud video history playback
    Quickly find the moments you are looking for anywhere, anytime.

    Higher performance security
    With encrypted security, you can be sure your videos and alert messages stay safe

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  5. Foscam Christmas Giveaway

    Foscam Christmas Giveaway

    We are giving away 1 set of Foscam R2C 1080P HD IP Security Camera and ends on 25th Dec, let's get started!

    Foscam R2C 1080P WiFi Security Camera White is a Full HD 1080P WiFi IP Camera which supports Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion/Sound Detection, besides these, the Free Image/Video Cloud Service is also available on this. Join today, you can get this for free.

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    Christmas Giveaway! Win Free R2C Indoor Ip Camera

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