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  1. 20%off on Foscam R2C IP Camera

    20%off on Foscam R2C Black WiFi Camera 1080P HD, Free Cloud Storage, only $43.99

    Claim Code: XP9ZXN7R, Shop it on Amazon here

    Start Date: 02/21/2019 12:01 AM PST

    End Date: 02/25/2019 11:59 PM PST



    Foscam 12-year home security solutions providers, Join 20 Million+ powered by our leading technology

    Full HD 1080P + night vision up to 26ft, horizontal & vertical rotation for almost all view angel. 2-Way Audio dialogue on smartphone with IP camera, Smart Motion & Sound Detection to alert on PC or phone.

    3-way connection: wifi + Ethernet (Internet) + local area network (LAN connection even if no internet);

    2-way storage: SD(not included) & Free rolling 8-hour cloud (with General Data Protection Regulation GDPR). Real-time monitor/playback on your phone or on any PC anywhere with cloud account via Chrome/Firefox/IE browser. Supports ONVIF

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  2. Foscam Chinese New Year Giveaway, Win R2E 1080P Wifi Camera

    Foscam R2E 1080P Wifi Camera Giveaway, 3 Winners

    Hi Friends,

    Hi friends, we are glad to launch the Foscam Chinese New Year Giveaway to gift the Foscam R2E 1080P WiFi Security Camera, a good pal to protect your home, your beloved ones and for any solutions, which worths $59.99 for 3 WINNERS, this will last for 15 days, join now!  

    Short Introduction:

    8 Hours Free Cloud Storage Plan Included ( Trusted by more than 2million users )

    HD 1080P Resolution Powered by an Ambarella

    110° Remarkable view angle with 26ft Night Vision

    Stable 2.4G Wifi Compatible


    1. This Ends on13rd Feb. 2019 and the winners will be announced on 15th Feb. 2019 ( GMT)

    2. Any personal info in this contest must be authentic

    3. Any Problem, feel free to contact

    Good luck to you all and happy Chinese new year! Cheers 

    Foscam Chinese New Year Giveaway, Win R2E 1080P Wifi Camera

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  3. Foscam IP Camera Weekend Flash Deal

    Hi friends,

    Foscam is offering IP Camera Weekend Deal from 25th, Jan 2019 ( PST ) on, you'll enjoy the Great saving for the hot products. Seize the chance to save since it's just for 3 days.

    Note: All the deals in this page are only available on Amazon

    15%off for Foscam R2C WiFi Camera 1080P HD, Free Cloud Storage, Mutual Audio Dialogue

    Code: 2KOYIQ9I

    Start Date
    01/25/2019 4:00 AM PST
    01/28/2019 11:59 PM PST

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    15% off for Foscam R4 4MP Security Camera Wireless, Indoor Home Security Camera

    Code: FDHCV7RZ

    Start Date
    01/25/2019 4:00 AM PST
    01/28/2019 11:59 PM PST

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    15%off for Foscam FI9900P HD 1080P Outdoor WiFi Security Camera Weatherproof IP66

    Code: TSMLMZPM

    Start Date
    01/25/2019 4:00 AM PST
    01/28/2019 11:59 PM PST

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    Thanks for purchasing with Foscam, we'll keep updating the latest deals with you, any problem, kindly please contact

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  4. Your Dog or Cat Also Need Valentine's Day Gifts, Get Some Ideas Here

    We all know that 2019 Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love and this special day is around the corner — sometimes, the biggest loves in our lives are our pets. They're loyal, loving, make us laugh, and are always there when we need them. So why not get your best pal a little 2019 Valentine's Day gift?

    1. As much as the owner wants to be in the room with your pets at all times

    When we are away from our family and friends ( like when you're having a dinner party, some emergency case needs you to handle...) We stay connected through the use of our phones, tablets, or computers. Technology has let us communicate with faraway people, even those who are on our opposite end of the globe. Distance does not have to be saddening because, now, even our pets are just one screen away from us. sometimes a baby monitor is necessary.

    Your pet needs constant attention, but you can't be in its room every hour of every day. That’s the reason why you need a baby monitor.

    2. Find more talents of your pets.

    Give a little surprise and space to your pets, WHY? You can never imagine what the crazy thing your puppy was doing when you were not home. See below, are you sure this is the very one you own?  IMAGES


    3. Gifts for your Dog and Cat

    Foscam R2C Full HD 1080P WiFi IP Camera

    For all solutions in your home, especially widely praised as the baby and pet monitor with the highest cp value ( cost performance ) 


    Short introduction:

    Foscam R2C Full HD 1080P WiFi IP Camera Free Image/Video Cloud Service Available. Stunning 2.0MP Full HD video at 25fps Remote viewing on Foscam APP for both iOS and Android, Built-in Micro SD card slot, capable of storing up to 128GB footage. Know more here

    Foscam R2C Full HD 1080P WiFi IP Camera Review Here


    Foscam C2E Full HD 1080P WiFi Security IP Camera

    Little cute thing to monitor your pets and easy to use for anyone, see the installation video here


    Short introduction:

    Foscam C2E Full HD 1080P WiFi Security IP Camera Every last 8 hours' alerts clips are free saved on the foscam cloud with 12 months' validity. 115 wide-angle lens, 1080p @25fps to capture moments with HD picture, Night Vision ranges up to 26ft. Know more here


    Foscam FI9831P HD 960P WiFi Security IP Camera

    Classic and ever hot indoor IP camera on Amazon


    Short introduction:

    With iOS/Android App, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision up to 26ft, and More (Black)

    Improves on traditional CCTV and home security camera systems with plug and play setup provided by the Foscam smartphone app. Simply download the Foscam app, follow the onscreen prompts, and start watching live video in minutes. Know more here


    Free foscam cloud storage available for all these IP cameras

    ( Simple, Smart, Secure! Click here to know what makes the cloud service is trusted by more than 2million users. ) 


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    Visit Foscammall to explore more for home security system, home security idea, and the DIY decor idea.

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  5. Set A Home Security System for Kids

    It exists the contradiction that parents want to monitor their baby when sleeping, while they still need to have a rest. ( click here to check the article What Are The Myth And Reality of Baby’s Sleep Position ). What if they are not home? 

    1. How do you know you need a baby monitor? 

    For new-born babies, as much as new parents want to be in the room with the baby at all times, sometimes a baby monitor is necessary (like when you’re having a dinner party )Your baby needs constant attention, but you can’t be in its room every hour of every day. That’s the reason why you need a baby monitor. 

    For toddlers, it’s also important to set a baby monitor for them for the reason that they’re at the age of naughty, you can not know what they did in case you’re not home when you noticed that they were doing the nearly dangerous things you should stifle it in the candle. 

    What started as audio-only infant care devices to let you listen in on your child from another room, have since added video cameras and connected features to the mix so you can always keep an eye on your little one. There are still some great audio monitors out there — here we’re focusing on models that also provide some form of the video feed.

    So, we can also call the monitor as the “24-hour baby sister

    2. Set A Home Security System for Kids now, there are some recommendations: 

    Foscam R2C 1080P WiFi Security Camera Black

    Full HD 1080P WiFi IP Camera, 2MP Indoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Surveillance Camera with Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion/Sound Detection, Free Image/Video Cloud Service Available

    Price: $54.99, Know more here >>

    Buy it with 15 Days of Secure Cloud Storage for 12 Months, only $59.99 ( original price:$ 149.98 ), Know more here>>

    Foscam C2E 1080P Wifi Security Camera Black

    It’s also known as the cube camera, Full HD 1080P Wifi Security IP Surveillance Camera with Activity Detection Alerts, 115° Wide View Angle Home Baby Pet Camera, Night Vision up to 26ft

    Price: $37.99, know more here>>

    When I chatted with the newborn's parents, what i most frequently i heard from them is “ i’m dying to want a sound sleep” “ we also need to sleep”, yes, from now on, you can slightly load the stress down,

    Visit Foscammall to explore more for home security system, home security idea, and the DIY decor idea.

    Since it is the US official mall of Foscam, customers could get great sales service and user experience here. Any problem, feel free to contact

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  6. What Are Technology Trends in CES 2019?

    What are technology trends in CES 2019? 

    Right before CES opens its doors( from 8th, Jan to 11th Jan ) you can preview the technology trends, next big things and disruptive innovations that will redefine our industry in 2019. See how new technologies will occupy the consumer landscape before you hit the show floor.

    It is widely accepted that CES is the largest and most influential tech event in the world - where the entire technology ecosystem gathers to conduct business, launch products, build brands and partner to solve some of today’s most pressing societal challenges.

    So, Let’s get to the track, what’s the trends?

    More than 4,500 exhibitors will launch transformative tech to more than 180,000 attendees, encompassing 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, and resilience, sports, robotics and more. CES 2019 will feature brand new and expanded exhibit areas, 250 conference sessions and 1,100 speakers, and more than 1,200 startups from over 50 countries.


    4 main trends you should know:

    1. 5G Wireless Networking

    5G is not just going to be important for smartphones and tablets, but for other real-world applications, which will get to in a second. For now, well explain that 5G connectivity will be based on several new technologies that will serve as the foundation of the next-generation wireless networking standard.

    Higher maximum speeds (5G networks will be able to move a lot of data in a matter of seconds)

    Lower latency (more responsiveness is always a good thing and we will talk about this in a while)

    Connecting more devices in unison (for IoT and other smart devices)

    2. smart cities 

    A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. CCTV’s popularity has distributed the great part of it, check the blog article here to find security system is so important?

    While it’s facing challenges and concerns, smart city initiatives must include the people it aims to help: its residents, businesspeople and visitors. Fostering collaboration between the public and private sector and city residents is key to creating a smart citizen who will be engaged and empowered and positively contribute to the city and community. New and innovative collaboration methods can improve engagement.

    3.Artificial Intelligence

    From big data analytic to speech recognition to predictive technology, artificial intelligence is changing how we do business. 

    “Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.” - Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute

    From SIRI to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly. While science fiction often portrays AI as robots with human-like characteristics, AI can encompass anything from Google’s search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons.

    Though it’s not a brand new topic, Let’s see what’s the new blood 2019 will endow it?

     4. Augmented and virtual reality

    Augmented reality and virtual reality are inverse reflections of one in another with what each technology seeks to accomplish and deliver for the user. Virtual reality offers a digital recreation of a real life setting, while augmented reality delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world. 


    Augmented and virtual realities both leverage some of the same types of technology, and they each exist to serve the user with an enhanced or enriched experience.


    Both technologies enable experiences that are becoming more commonly expected and sought after for entertainment purposes.


    Science and Medicine

    Additionally, both virtual and augmented realities have great potential in changing the landscape of the medical field by making things such as remote surgeries a real possibility. These technologies been already been used to treat and heal psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


    Article resource:

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  7. Why We Say 2019 Is Much Safer Than 2018?

    Why we say 2019 is much safer than 2018?

    Have you watched this video which has more than 1million viewing history about the positive aspects of the year of 2019, if you didn’t, just check it here

    We have been gone through 2018 which makes us lose the sense of safety, how about 2019? 

    Yes, we cannot rely on what the technology brought us, but it does help and we can not avoid it. From this video, we can see that the driverless car, the CCTV camera is how to catch the criminal and keep us safe, the data is becoming safer, healthy lifestyle is universal and more. 

    Cctv camera everywhere is a trend, Well, how many crimes were caught by a camera? The answer is many! The technology tells us the crimes are keeping going down! And the date is becoming safer for the strict agreement released, it’s good news and related to every single person around the world. 

    So, why we say 2019 is safer than 2018? You may think we are looking through rosetinted glasses right now, but we are only trying to put the brighter spin on the things : )

    What're your thoughts about 2019? please comment below.

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  8. Apartment Decoration Ideas 2019

    Apartment Decoration Ideas 2019 for Small Apartment

    Try these apartment decorating ideas on for size, and you’ll find your small apartment has never looked bigger.

    “A light rug can open up your room and make it feel larger,” says Langdon. A bound carpet remnant can work great. If your apartment came with stained or dark wall-to-wall carpeting, cover it up with a rug in a lighter hue.

    1. Choose a Light Color Palette

    When choosing your palette Keep things light when you try to choose colors for your small apartment. While rich darker colors have a tendency to make spaces appear smaller than fact to the eye,
     We don’t Need light shades. Try using the right color palette for your small apartment.

    2. Find an Organization System

    Back-of-the-door shoe-hangers offer pockets that can be used to hold anything you use every day.

    3. Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture

    Buy And Investing in furniture pieces that will do double duty.

    4. Go Vertical with Storage

    5. Embrace the Floating Design Trend

    6. Get some plants with you

    7. Don’t ignore Home Safety

    Apart from keeping your property security, it’s also important for that if you’re feeding pets or looking after the baby, set the home security system, which is not to be neglect.

    article resource: and

    visit to explore more and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated with our newest launches. 

    Since it is the US official mall of Foscam, customers could get great sales service and user experience here. Any problem, feel free to contact

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  9. 5 Tips for Securing Your Home in Holiday

    Keep our home safe is always a never-out-of-date thing! But how? especially in this holiday season. Let’s right into it. 

    Tip1. Make sure every doorway to the outside has a door in it.

    Tip2. Get a home security system, or at least a sticker that says you have a home security system.

    Tip3. Keep your house appearing lived-in while you’re away by asking neighbors to pick up your mail, bring in your trash cans, and stage screaming matches in your kitchen around dinner time.

    Tip4. A video doorbell can help deter would-be assailants from using your front door.

    Tip5. Before posting any photos while on vacation, block any friends who seem like they might rob you.

    Article resource:

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  10. What Are The Myth And Reality of Baby’s Sleep Position

    How can Mom and Dad be sure they are receiving accurate information about the baby’s sleep position? With help from Dr. Andrew Adesman and his book “Baby Facts”, the site — separate baby myths from reality. 

    Myth: It’s OK to put your baby to sleep on his side.

    Reality: To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back — not their stomach or sides.

    Myth: You can control when and how long your newborn sleeps.

    Reality: Newborn babies fall asleep when they’re ready and wake up when they’re hungry, wet, or upset or because of some other normal cue.

    Nap = Soundly Sleeping Baby
    Myth: A nap in a car seat or stroller doesn’t count.

    Reality: If your child is sleeping soundly, it counts.

    About Dr. Andrew Adesman
    Dr. Adesman is Chief of the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Schneider Children’s Hospital in New York and an associate professor in the Pediatrics Department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His book Baby Facts reveals more than 200 startling myths and facts about babies’ and young children’s health, growth, care, and more.

    Foscam R2C 1080P WiFi Security Camera White is designed for all the parents to monitor their babies, with our cloud storage service, you’ll never miss a moment using cloud recording, push and playback, which is easy to manage.

    Your home is only a swipe away, no matter where you are, scan the code and easy to manage your foscam product, get this Free Baby Monitor App today and buy 15-day cloud service for one year and get the free R2C hereNot a member? Join Today >>

    How do you know you need a baby monitor? check it here

    Visit foscammall to explore more. 

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